Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

What do I miss... I miss lots of things, Michael, my sister and niece, home food, chatting for hours on MSN.

But for this post I think I'm gona talk about spending days at a river called Magpie Bridge. Before my step sisters became my step sisters, our families used to get together, pack a picnic, slather on the sun lotion and head on down to a little wooded area and a river.

The river was always freezing, but we always tried to cross the river. We played ball games on the grass, we read books, we laid out, we chatted, we made up games, we swam in the deeper parts - we had fun. I miss those times, with the miss-matched bikinis and old tops to keep our shoulders covered. I do not miss those cobbles that hurt your feet though, or the walk back to the car on gravel because you were too wet to put your shoes on.

Good days. Where you didn't have any worries apart from waking up for school on Monday, and if you were going to get KFC on your way home. I'd like to go back there now, and see other families continuing our traditions.

Check out this ridiculous GIF I showed/made Michael (outtakes from a photo shoot haha)
'why are you looking at a towel' I WAS TRYING TO FIND THE BEST LIGHT haha


  1. awh that is sweet, it reminded me of my childhood. I guess you only really appreciate these times when they are gone.

  2. You just took me waaaaay back when you mentioned chatting on MSN for hours. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

    1. Ha! When it'd be like 3am and you're like WHERE ON EARTH HAS THE TIME GONE! Ah well I'm having fun ;)

  3. Awww that made me super nostalgic! I too long for the days when there weren't much to worry about and you just enjoyed life.
    Cute GIF, I love GIFs lol