Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

When I first read the title I was hesitant.. but then I took a step back and realised I'm a blogger for a reason so stop being silly. There are some blogs I've been reading since I jumped on this bandwagon, and a couple of those are still favourites.. others I've gotten tired of, BUT today is not about those.

I'm not doing it in order - I have no idea what my order would be, but think that it's just a list of nice blogs.
  • Bleubird Vintage - James and her family have been with me throughout this whole journey, and I love how much she lets her readers into her life. I always check back whenever she has a post, she does a nice variety of things
  • HomeBirdEconomics - my sister accidentally got me into blogging (if she was doing it I was doing it.) and I love how different our lives are, but that we can keep in touch through the blogs. Things that she does (making your own washing powder and such) blow my mind, and I just find it really interesting. Plus I love little updates about their life.
  • Just me, my soldier and our 4 little chicks - Stephanie. Oh Stephanie. I have been reading Stephanie since before I even had a blog or realised I liked to read blogs. I found her many years ago when I was looking for inspiration for some scrapbook pages, and I kinda just stuck around for the ride. I love that she blogs a lot about her super-fancy-soldier-husband and babies because they are so sweet and funny. and I like that she's a real person too; she's taken time out of her busy day to help me out with things with Michael, and I really appreciate that (plus she's hilarious). (Check out all of her 'wordless wednesday posts to get a good sense of her blog!)
  • The Londoner - Michael and I like to visit London, and she has such a glamorous lifestyle that she goes to the nicest places to visit and eat, so I like to check back for insider knowledge. I like reading her blog for a taste of 'how the other half live'
  • hmm it's difficult from here - I like the little magpie and whiskey tango foxtrot for two very different reasons. The little magpie because she always wears lovely clothes and demonstrates very well how to style things (really big prints that you think are hideous until you see them on someone), and whiskey tango foxtrot because shes another army wife who's sharing her tales of life while they're posted in Germany for now. She's also pregnant and keeps blogging about that, I love that.
what I've noticed about all of these is that they're lifestyle blogs. I am such a fan of peeking at someone else's life for a little bit - feeling involved or not. So yeah. Looking forward to finding some new ones today too!


  1. You know, I have never really been very big on lifestyle blogs because I don't know, most of them feel so over glamorized and happy go lucky. Sometimes it is fun to visit a fancy lifestyle blog for novelty reasons but I very rarely follow them overtime.
    I don't know, I can appreciate a beautiful photograph of their babies and the party they went to and the gorgeous outfit put together, but ultimately, it's very boring to me and feels very made up because you know things are not that awesome and nicely photoshopped all the time!
    But yea, I am being completely judgemental and negative right now as I'm sure most of the blogs you linked here are written by people who are actually very genuine and relatable.
    Annnnnnyways, just me, my soldier, and our 4 little chick also shared that video of john krasinski lip-syncing on jimmy fallon, so that was kind of cool :)

    1. I get what you mean and yes, I have to admit that the Londoner is like that quite a bit of the time (no one can be THAT perfect). and yea Bleubird doesn't share the bad stuff, but Stephanie? That girls got it down. She shares the good, the bad, the ugly, the crazy, the hilarious, the break downs.. the everything. She's been blogging for so long I think she uses it as more of a diary than anything!

  2. Oh wow really, that's awesome then. I'm going to give her blog a try, I respect those that blog about everything, the good and the bad! :)