Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blog Every Day In May-Day 8: My Piece Of Advice

For all the other days I have managed to not peek at the next days hint so I could trick myself into blogging the actual honest answer, but I have to admit that I peeked at day 8's prompt on day 7. That said, it didn't help me in the slightest. I'm stuck to offer you blind advice, I've been taught quite strictly not to give advice and treat myself more as a sounding board, so this one did not come easily to me.

Instead, I looked at my pinterest board and had a bit of a rummage around and compiled a couple of things I tend to live by. There are also more on my 'about me' page, that you should certainly have a browse of.

1. nope, never. I have felt regret for not being nice enough though. 
2. this taught me to not be afraid of showing that I'm happy and being proud of being happy doing things - from a silly dance or asking that burning question. Once you're happy with you, others will be happy too, and maybe you could help them be a bit more happy with themselves. 
3. Crying yourself to sleep really works at the time, but it will be better in the morning. I don't know how and I don't know why, but the evening really gives your emotions and feelings a different edge. I can honestly say that I have felt different about something every single time I've woken up. 
4. I literally live my life by this, not because it's a quote written on a tin lid. But because of it's message. I'm peculiar in that I don't need others approval and I don't judge my looks/weight/progress/whatever on anyone else, I am my own harshest critic, and if it's okay for me, then it's okay - I don't need you to tell me too. So if I was mean when no one was looking, I'd know I was a mean person, and I wouldn't be okay with that.

but mostly
5. if you know you are true to you, and your intentions are never bad.. who could bad mouth you? and what would their words be worth if they did? I left bitchiness behind in year 11. I haven't had an argument about something someone said about me and whoever else whenever, in a long time. and it feels good. I know that I'm a good person, my friends and my family know that too, and that's all I need.

I think my confidence came from there. I think I became happy in my own skin because I like who I am and it's something I can continually develop. Once you don't care if someone thinks something bad about you that's untrue, you can focus on being you and the best version of you you can be. And then you'll enjoy your life more, which I guess is my advice...



  1. Number four I like the most and I wish more people lived by it!

    1. Agreed, how nice a place would the world be?!

  2. that's great advice and I love the images you have picked out for these too.

    it is always best to sleep on things I find, and you are right "man I really regret that act of kindness" said no one ever!