Wednesday, 1 May 2013

K Lans the great

My friend Kate gave me a skirt the other day. It's similar to this one that I wore one Christmas Eve, in fact, it's almost identical just the colours are laid out differently. Oh it's nice/embarrassing to look at old posts. Do you ever think that? haha. So yeah, this time round I paired it with a plain grey top - I think there is just something about the grey colour that is slightly off, and I would like to see it with a black tshirt in this style but I dont own one. So I will make do with this. Brown belt from Primark, shooting star necklace and all my rifles bands as usual.


Should have made more of an effort with my hair, I always miss something out when I do outfit shots!

p.s. I feel like a teenager but, Michael and I went facebook official today. (Grandma, that means he's my boyfriend)

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