Friday, 31 May 2013

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

So, the final day has come. I'd like to take a little moment to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, it's been nice to blog about things that aren't my usual thing, but the day to day blogging is just a bit too much for me! I think it's probably just because I've been so busy this month (typically) but it's been a little challenge fitting it in everyday, and I certainly haven't had a consistent time of posting!

A vivd memory. hmm.

Somehow, I was always my uncle Vic's favourite. We all knew it, and I don't think anyone particularly minded (I hope not), because I always used my powers of persuasion to benefit the whole group (two cousins, my sister and I). I remember one evening Naomi and I sat in the car listening to songs - kung fo fighting was certainly one of them, when we decided that we wanted to have a sleepover but it wasn't planned. Natalie and Naomi convinced me it was my job to go and ask, so I figured out what to say, put on my best puppy eyes, wrinkled my hands together and walked in. I stood and explained how we had just had so much fun that we didn't want it to end and that we'd like to invite ourselves to stay over his house, if that was possible. OF COURSE HE SAID YES. haha, well he looked at my mum a couple of times (I'm guess they were checking with each other before he committed) and then said yes. So we drove to his and I remember he had a very excitable dog - I think it was a collie. And then I remember us all in the living room listening to B'Witched - blame it on the weather man, and the post man one (because Vic was once a post man).

I've only just really realised that we spent a lot of with my cousins when we were younger, which makes me happy because I hope it's the same for my children and my sisters :) I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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  2. How cute! I was pretty close with my cousins when I was in my pre-teens, but I got into fights with one of them too often that we eventually stopped hanging out...... Ahhh good times :p

    1. Oh no!! That doesn't sound too great haha