Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tammy Girl

I don't have any money. Especially after Liverpool at the weekend (what an expensive city!) but I was buying a birthday present yesterday after work, and as I came down the escalators this little number caught my eye.. in Tammy. haha Tammy makes clothes for girls aged, hmm, 10-16? Basically a teenage make (not for 21 year olds) but it's so much cheaper than adult clothing!! So I tried it on, and was too impressed not to get it haha. I mean look at that collar, it's beautiful. 


Unfortunately the weather's been awful again so it's more inside photos.. I WISH THE SUN WOULD COME BACK. It was lovely when it was around. Anywho, I'm off to Harriet's for a catch up with my two best girls! It's been too long (hey ladies ;) ). I have to pop to the shop before hand too so yes, I had best be on my way. Well after my ice cream...


  1. I love it, this is totally the kind of dress I would buy. LOVEEE THE COLLAR, I love all dresses with sleeves and fancy collars/neckline

    1. I have to admit that it can be a little bit scratchy, but just looking at it makes it worthwhile, haha. I reckon I could see you in this dress too!