Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.

I LOVE THIS PROMPT! at first I was nervous but it's realllllllllllly great now haha. I don't know if I was supposed to share the memory too but it was too fun not to! 

1. David Guetta - memories. It reminds me of the trip I took to Bournemouth to visit my friend Daniella back in first year during the summer. We got crazy drunk and partied too hard - oh those days when drinking was still fun! Plus it's a great song.

2. Florence and the Machine - you got the love. In second year, before all our house fell out, we had one great great great night out that we labelled 'ladies night'. I was being lame and pretended I didn't want to go out as we had a lecture on the Friday, but pre drinks were half underway when I changed my mind and joined in the fun. It was just girls from our house and we all got just tipsy, not drunk, climbed up on the counter (our landlord had foolishly said that the girls who lived there before had done that so of course we had to try it out!) and sang our hearts out to this song. Such a good night. 

3. Snow Patrol - Set Fire to the Third Bar. I have to fit Michael in here somewhere don't I? Well this was 'our song' many many many many many moons ago, I'm thinking what.. when we were 14?! But it is a good song and some of the lyrics are particularly apt at the moment.

4. X-Press 2 Feat. David Byrne - Lazy. Before my parents split up we would have gatherings with a couple of other families. There would be food - a meal or BBQ, games for all the kids and lots of chat and dancing for the adults. This song reminds me of those times cause I can see everyone singing along in their drunken stupor, ha, and particularly of my dad because he does the little bit at 2:58/3:00. 

5. Devo - Whip It. OH THIS SONG. haha Natalie and I heard it on a film - I think something like how to lose a guy in ten days, some chick flick like that, and we loved it from then on. I also had a dream that she'd died once and this song played a couple of days later and I burst into tears, she's fine though, obviously haha. But yes, younger times with less stress are always welcome. WHAT A WEIRD VIDEO THOUGH! I've never watched it before ha

As I said at the start, great prompt. I'm excited to read what everyone else comes up with! Kinda sad I didn't do the songs that spoke to me, but it'd probably end up a bit too deep and I cry when that happens so yeah, for the best really. ha


  1. Before watching the first video, I have never seen david guetta's face before, he really looks like Tim Roth in my opinion!
    I love Lazy, ahaha, I can relate! The actor in the music video was in this movie called Friends with Money!
    And that last one was really bizarre...

  2. i like to listen to snow patrol and florence and the machine, especially when I do some drawings or just studying