Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood.

'Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.'

Hermmm.. I have lots of memories, so which one to choose (I'm always so spoiled for choice. and I feel lucky for that). and in all of them, my sister appears! I can't wait to read which memory she chose for today, to see if I'll feature in that one.

I'm gona choose one that's a funny story, but it's a little hazier than the others, so I'll do my best.
We were visiting my grandparents.. I kind of feel like it was actually at my Great Aunt Margaret's house for some reason, but that doesn't really make sense so it must have been their own house in Kent. Well, we didn't get to visit our grandparents all too often as it was quite far away etc, so it was always fun when we did (and they lived near this amusement place so it was always exciting!). Anywho, I don't know how we go to it, but Natalie and I decided to 'make over' nan and granddad, I think it might have had something to do with nan having her hair in rollers, so yeah we just ran with it from there.

It all started out tame, for nan we did the normal eye shadow, and lipstick etc.. and then it got a bit crazy. We started using mascara on granddads bald patches to kind of draw-on hair, we put foundation on them - even granddad - and eyeshadow etc, the works. and when we were done, we were super proud of our work, because it looked like they were wearing make up, and that was the goal, ha!

I must add, we were far too young at that point to even be using make up ourselves, let alone know how to put it on someone else. And in reflection, I can't really believe I have this memory, because if you met my granddad, he is a very proper man and the man I know now doesn't really translate to someone who would let me put mascara on his head, but, people surprise you and this is a lovely memory that I'm glad I have. There is a photo somewhere at home, gutted I can't feature it.

Neither of them were annoyed, and in true good-parenting style they pretended they loved it, didn't wash it off immediately, and Natalie and I went off to bed happy. It never happened again though.. I wonder if we even asked. haha, I am so looking forward to reading everyone else's memory today :D


  1. Omg you put mascara on your grandpa's bald patches?!?! That is absolutely hilarious!

  2. Hey Stacey, when you link stuff in your draft, make sure to check off the open in new window/tab option. I saved the blog in may image, inserted in my post and then linked it to the page, checking the open in new window option. And then for future posts you can simply copy that picture from the edit version of your older posts so you don't have

    1. To relink it every single time. Hope that makes sense!

  3. HA! Great story...Mascara could be just like that hair in a can stuff.

  4. Ha thats a good story. They were being good sports :-)